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((Famous)) Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes SMS 2017 best collection

((Fresh)) Merry Christmas 2017 Best Wishes SMS for Friend Girlfriend Love

((Famous)) Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes SMS 2017 best collection

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New Year and Christmas  Рones of the most favorite holidays of people throughout the world. Well, who does not love an atmosphere of celebration and joy?

But New Year is also a great responsibility: do not forget to buy all the Christmas gifts, send New Year greetings and congratulations to someone personally, think of where and how to celebrate the New Year.

And that’s not all!

Christmas greetings and wishes, jokes and pranks, reciepes and gifts, and many other miscellaneous material that will help you prepare for the Christmas and New Year holiday and make it original and memorable.

The longest in the New Year holidays were walking the ancient Egyptians. New Year was celebrated during the inundation of the Nile, when ascended the sacred star Sirius (the exact date of that complex – spread somewhere between July and September), and started the first season of the ancient Egyptian year – ahet. Flood of the Nile called the arrival of Hapi – God of Upper and Lower Nile. It was a sacred time for Egypt, because the drought would endanger the very existence of this agricultural state. So with the rising of Sirius began a new period of life of the ancient Egyptians, who at that time were finishing sowing.

Every year about this time, I sometimes catch myself thinking that I’m waiting, will there be elves in my house, but when will the classic New Year celebration – dressed as eating, fireworks, champagne. This is a time when ordinary things take on new meaning, bringing the magic of this magical holiday.

I do not know how you feel about the holiday decorating at home, and I did it, unfortunately, quite rare. But this year things will be different and my house, too, know that on the street and in my mind a holiday.

Christmas, which most Christians observed on December 25, devoted to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Americans, like many nations of the world, have formed their own Christmas traditions and celebrations, and over time they have changed a lot.

Today, most Americans combines religious and secular customs with their own family traditions. Therefore, although for many Americans Christmas is an event of religious importance, the federal courts have confirmed his status as an official holiday. As pointed out by one court, “giving federal workers a paid day off on Christmas, the government only recognizes the cultural significance of this holiday.


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